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It’s By Giving That We Receive; It’s By Making Others Happy That We Reach Happiness

April 2, 2012

On the week from 19th to 23rd of March, I spent some time with Catarina, a portuguese volunteer who is living in the dorothean sisters’ house, and I told her that I had clothes, school supplies and still some money (all of that came from that money that was sent by my parents’ team of couples for Cobué, but that it wasn’t going to Cobué anymore, so I was still deciding what to do with everything that I had bought); she told me that the Sorriso (portuguese word for “Smile”) kindergarten was always needing new clothes for the children and that I should speak with sister Blandina (from the dorothean) about that. She also told me that sister Lourdes (also from the dorothean) was organizing an Easter lunch for the prisoners that were in Lichinga’s jail, and that she was collecting money to buy the foods. As I still had some money left, I decided to give it to sister Lourdes, so that she could buy a goat for that Easter lunch. She was really happy and thankful for that.

In the meantime, I also had a word with sister Blandina, who told me that, on the day before (March 21st), Rita (the Sorriso kindergarten’s director) had told her that they urgently needed clothes for the kids and that it was great that I suddenly showed up there, with those clothes to give. She told me that I could go to the kindergarten, as soon as I was able to, to give them what I have and thanked me a lot.

I was really happy to be able to help this kindergarten and to be able to contribute for the prisoners’ lunch, who really starve in that prison.

A day after my brother’s and grandparent’s birthday, I went to a vigil for the youngsters of the three parishes in Lichinga (Catedral, Nzinje and Cerâmica), which was prepared by sister Maria José and sister Lourdes. Catarina also went to that meeting, which started at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday and ended around 5 a.m. on Sunday. We sang, watched the movie “The Passion Of The Christ” and had supper: tea, bread and cookies (which have a funny name, Maning Naiss, that here means “very good”. Any resemblance between this “naiss” and the english “nice” is pure coincidence… or not! Here they say “nice” quite often. Below is a picture of the cookies’ package:)

After the supper, the youngsters worked in groups, to prepare the Way of the Cross, in which all of us took part of after. The vigil ended with a celebration.

On Monday, March 26th, Catarina and I went to the Sorriso kindergarten to give them the clothes and the shoes I had bought (with the money my parents’ team of couples had given me). Rita and the other women that worked there were really happy and thankful. Here it is a picture of Rita (on the left) and one of the workers (on the right) holding some of the bags of clothes we brought:

When we got there, the kids were still asleep, so we couldn’t see if the clothes and shoes fit:

But as soon as they woke up, they were surprised with new shoes and clothes:

Here it is a picture of Catarina with two kids, after they tried their clothes on:

Right after, Rita gathered the kids around, so that they could sing us a song together, as a way of thanking us. Catarina filmed it and, on that video, they thank to “tia Ana” (aunt Ana), who is my mother, because Rita asked me to tell her a name they could thank to, so I told her my mother’s, she being the team of couples representative:

She also took us, the kids, the workers and I, a picture:

We left with that mission accomplished feeling. I was really happy to have been able to help these kids.

For the rest of the week I wasn’t able to go to Nzinje’s kindergarten, because I was sick, so I opted to spend more time at home and recover. I also went to the secretariat, to work on a few things.

On Saturday, March 31st, brother José took Catarina and I to the Monastery, so that we could bring there some clothes, school supplies and shoes to the orphan girls who live there, with the sisters.

They were really happy to see us, giving us a handshake as a compliment. Here it is a picture of me giving them one of the bags of clothes:

And another picture of me showing them what was inside of the school supplies bag:

Before we left, brother José took a picture of me, Catarina, one of the sisters and the girls:

On the way home, brother José offered to take us to Translândia (my frequent readers know what I’m referring to), where we saw the horses and the well-known Pope’s plane:

And that’s how one more week passed here in Lichinga, and a good one it was.


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