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Visiting the Monastery

March 5, 2012

On Saturday afternoon, March 3rd, brother José and I went to the Monastery Mater Dolorosa, to do sister Maria José a favor she asked us: talk with the sisters from the Monastery and ask them to lend her some portuguese books, because sister Maria José is now a teacher in Mozambique’s Catholic University, in Lichinga.

On the way to the Monastery, something really scared me: the grass is high, because of the rain season, so a little boy, who was probably four, showed up out of nowhere, coming from the grass, and got right in front of the car; two seconds more and we would have ran over that kid and I would have had a heart attack. It’s really dangerous for the kids being out there alone near the roads, especially because they weren’t taught to look both ways and see if a car is coming.

When we got to the Monastery, after that scare, I took the chance to take a few pictures of the landscape, which is beautiful, but unfortunately we can’t see it that well on the pictures, because the cornfields are too high, making it difficult to see the further landspace.

Yesterday Dom Elio, brother José and I had lunch at the Cerâmica’s sisters’ house, where there are always nice desserts. Sister Albertina asked me to fix a problem in one of their computers, because it had no Internet. After solving the problem, we got back home.

And it’s all for today.


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