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Dom Elio’s Arrival, Kindergarten’s Party and a Quick Visit to Metangula

December 22, 2011

On November 27th, we (brother José, Ana Zé and I) picked Dom Elio up at the airport, at around 11 a.m. As Rosa doesn’t work on Sundays, we went to Mária and bought chicken and potatoes for lunch.

At around 6 p.m., priests and sisters arrived at the Bishop’s house and there was a celebration before dinner. Mafalda, a girl that is now living here in the house, too, also arrived on that day.

It was around 30 people here in the house having dinner. Everybody was really happy that Dom Elio was back in Lichinga. Here they are, a few pictures of that night:

I’m not in any of the pictures taken at the dining room, because, as the last picture shows, I spent practically the entire time at the kitchen washing dishes, helping Rosa (who was all dressed in pink – “rosa” in portuguese means “pink”).

During all that week I was busy helping at the kindergarten: I rehearsed with the kids, I helped making their clothes for the performance, I helped sister Maria José shopping, I printed the finalists’ diplomas… but it felt so good to be able to help at something which is not related to my college degree. On Saturday, after the school party, I felt it was a “mission accomplished” and that I was able to help make the party the best it could have been.

On December 3th, it was finally the day of the school party. The Teresian sisters (sister Maria José’s congregation) picked me up early, at 7:30 a.m., because we still had to get some drinks and the cake.

After preparing the projector and the microphones, the performance started almost at 10 a.m., an hour later than it was supposed to have started. Here it is a video of the kids (the ones on the right, all dressed up, are the finalists) before the performance start:

And here it is them singing a song:

It was me who filmed those two videos, but as I had to go to the stage, to help putting on the music and bringing the kids up on stage, I asked Odete (the girl who lives with the sisters) to film the rest of the performance for me.

So, in this video we can see the 2 year-olds dancing, representing the african continent:

On the video below we can see the 5 year-olds, with a dance from Europe:

And, at the end of the performance, a few kids from each class gathered around and held hands:

When the performance ended, I cleared everything up, while the kids and their parents went to the dining hall, to have a little snack. Everybody was really happy with how the party had turned out and the food and drinks disappeared in a blink of an eye.

I only had lunch at around 3 p.m., at the sister’s house, because we still had to stay at the kindergarten to clean everything up, with the help of brother José and Mafalda, who went there and who gave us a ride back home.

On the next day, Mafalda, brother José, Mário (an italian man who arrived that week) and I went to Translândia, that place where it is that Pope’s plane and where I’ve been to before with sister Olívia. Here it is a picture of Mafalda and I on the plane:

In the meantime, on Tuesday, December 6th, two sisters from Maputo arrived, sister Celeste and sister Filomena, who stayed at the Bishop’s house until Saturday, the 10th. So that they, as well as Mário, could meet the Lake Niassa, brother José took them there on the 8th. Of course Mafalda and I also took the chance to go to the lake with them! You never say “no” to a trip to the Lake Niassa. It’s my favorite place, in the whole World, to go for a swim, because there’s no waves, it’s a fresh water lake and it’s temperature is really good. The only problem is the fact that it has got a lot of fishes… you know I’m afraid of fishes!

We stayed at a Metangula’s touristic place, where they have a pet monkey:

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Lake Niassa, so that you can see how marvelous it is:

After having lunch by the lake, we passed through a place in Metangula which has one of the biggest baobabs, and there were a few kids washing the dishes on the lake:

On the way out of Metangula, we bought mangoes from those kids, who were selling mangoes by the roadside:

On our way to Lichinga, we also saw a few monkeys on the roadside. Unfortunately, they are far away on the pictures, but the one which looks the best is this one, where there’s only one monkey:

Before arriving in Lichinga, we went to Mbemba, so that the sisters and Mário could see the mission there. It was a well spent day.

On another post I’ll talk about all the celebrations I’ve been to these past weeks.

But before writing that post, I will write about what made me want to come here and about everything I’ve been experiencing and feeling since I got here, to celebrate Christmas.


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